The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

I was really looking forward to this book when i first bought it , despite me being a bit of religious thriller virgin, and not really knowing what to expect i was still disappointed by the writers style , characterization , and most of the content (emphasis on most remember). If i recall correctly there was quite a large segment of news coverage and hype on it when it was released in Scotland when i was growing up in 2003. Why was i not intrigued then to read then you may ask? I was six, and was nowhere near quite as ardent of a reader (i know it sounds narcissistic) as i am today. Following that , it did in fact make me increasingly more inquisitive about my own religion, it's origins, etc. Which i guess, was good. It showed me the tributary which leads to the vast sea of historical fiction so for that (which i guess was all because i picked it first before any other religious and/or historical novel) it gets three stars when originally started out with a meager two.